In the event of a disaster (or a predicted event), the Governor may declare a State of Emergency. This allows local and federal officials to work together and distribute resources to the places where they are needed most. Officials monitor the issue and provide updates as needed. This ensures that there is no hindrance in the transportation of supplies and assets and keep communities safe. In the event of an emergency, information about evacuation and shelters in Florida can be found here.

State Emergency Response Teams provide the following assistance:

Military Support: The National Guard is available and called upon if needed. Florida has approximately 7,000 National Guard members standing by to mobilize immediately.

Law Enforcement: Florida Highway Patrol monitors traffic and coordinates evacuations.

Transportation & Public Works: The Florida Department of Transportation monitors conditions, assists in evacuations if necessary and reaches out to construction companies to clear away road construction tools and supplies. They also ensure local communities are prepared.

Power and Utilities: Local power companies begin reporting outages and repair statuses as well as gather additional external resources/partners if needed.

Fuel: Gas is typically one of the first items to run out during a disaster. State officials contact emergency fuel providers to ensure fuel supply does not run out.

Shelters: State and local officials prepare mass care shelters when necessary.

Public Health and Medical: The Florida Department of Health (DOH) coordinates and reaches out to hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes and shelters to ensure measures are taken to properly prepare.

Water Management Districts: Districts monitor waterways and adjust water flow if necessary.

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