Looking to sell your house? Give it the “wow” factor it needs to impress potential buyers. Look at it from a buyer’s perspective. Your house should look its best — inside and outside. Buyers form their first impression when they pull up in front of your home. How your home looks from the exterior can increase your chance of selling it. If you’ve never had your yard professionally landscaped, now may be the time to do it. Before scheduling an open house, follow the tips below to present your home in its best light.

Make the front door inviting. The second thing people see when they walk up to the house is the front door. To make a good initial impression, add a fresh coat of paint and some nice décor.

Stage the rooms. Staging the room where people tend to spend the most time usually makes long-lasting impressions on buyers. Start with the living room followed by the master bedroom and the kitchen. 

Clear away clutter in the living spaces. People want to see the square footage of each room. Be sure to put away personal items, like photos or anything extra that is taking up space.

Clean the house. Make sure the bathrooms, windows, kitchen appliances and the sinks sparkle. No one wants to buy a dirty home.

Paint the rooms. A little fresh paint with neutral colors well help the rooms look fresh and clean.

Arrange the furniture to showcase the space. Place the furniture in a way to make the room flow and look larger. Get rid of oversized furniture that could take up extra space and furniture that is not needed.

Pay attention to lighting. Make sure when you have an open house you turn on all the lights and open the drapes to let in as much natural light as possible. If a room seems too dark, buyers will likely be less interested.

Clean the carpet. If the carpeting is stained, replace it. If your wooden floors are scratched, cover them with inexpensive area rugs.

With these tips your house is sure to stand out and be a home that buyers can imagine themselves in. Selling your home means either you will be buying/renting a house, condo or apartment. Be sure to talk with one of our agents about getting coverage for your new home!