Wildfires can occur anywhere

Wildfires can be started naturally, for example by a lightning strike, or by people accidentally or intentionally. Though wildfires can occur at any point during the year, the risk is much higher during the dry season. The dry season can cause trees, grass and brush to burn easier.

Safety Tips

  • Evacuate when you are told to do so.
  • Keep an emergency kit ready to go if a Fire Weather Watch is in effect.
  • Know your evacuation routes.
  • Sign up for your local alert system.
  • Maintain your home (i.e., clean roof, gutters and lawn debris) and ensure that your home is covered in the event of a wildfire. You can review your policy, contact your agent or call your insurance carrier’s customer service department to check.
  • Make sure your garden hose is long enough to reach as far as needed to protect your home.
  • Report wildfires in your area to authorities ASAP.

Source: For more information on wildfires, visit Ready.gov.