According to the FBI, in 2015 a home is burglarized every 20 seconds in the United States. That adds up to 180 per hour and over 4,300 every day.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where we need to be concerned about home break-ins, but there are many ways to deter criminals from breaking into your home.

First, protect your belongings. Make sure you understand what your insurance covers, should a home break-in ever happen to you. Homeowners insurance limits the amount of coverage on stolen, unless you specify valuable items to protect. There are two important coverages you need to be familiar with; Scheduled and Unscheduled.

Unscheduled – Will only cover you up to the limits on your policy. Check your policy, because you may only be covered up to a small amount for certain items. Also, they will only cover items you can prove you had. It’s always a good idea to snap photos of everything in your home.

Scheduled – This will cost a little extra, but providing your insurance agency with a list of expensive and irreplaceable items, is the best way to make sure you’re covered should something happen. You can do this with a majority of items in your home; such as jewelry, computers, a prized comic book collection, etc.

Once you understand how your items are covered, make sure you know the difference between how you will be paid out for those items in case of a claim. See our blog about Actual Cash Value on Personal Property and Replacement Cost on Personal Property.

Call your agent today to check your coverage or you can find an agent on our Prepared Insurance website.

Tips on protecting your home from burglars:

Easy and inexpensive ways to protect your home:

  • Always keep your windows and doors locked
  • Have an indoor dog – they can be very effective alarm systems
  • Make sure your doors have a deadbolt
  • Strategically landscape
    • Thorny bushes in front of windows
    • Make sure your yard is well lit at night (especially when you’re not home)
    • Gravel and loose stones below windows and access points can alert you when someone is approaching.
  • Motion detectors – for night time
    • Install these around your home especially close to points of access
  • Purchase a timer (They cost about $5)
    • If you go out of town, these are great to have as it appears someone is home at night.
  • Play to radio
    • Sound coming from your home deters criminals
  • Battery operated door and window alarms
    • These are inexpensive alarms, but they are not linked to a security company. The noise they admit will have a robber running away very quickly.
  • Home alarm signs (fake)
    • Most alarm signs can be found online. Alarm systems can be expensive, but this is an inexpensive tactic to keep burglars away. (It’s been known to work, but make sure you’re not breaking any laws)

Peace of mind will come with real security systems

Security systems and video cameras cost money, but if you can swing it, it’s worth the peace of mind. Video cameras have become very popular these days, most are easy to install and they have even been useful at catching burglars robbing a neighbor’s home. It’s recommended you not only install them outside, but inside your home too.

Do you have a cell phone? With the advancements in technology, protecting your home has become much easier. Now, most security companies have apps that connect directly to your phone. We highly recommend if you’re going to spend the money, do your research and go with a reliable company that has a call phone app. This will give you instant notification should something ever happen at your home while you’re away.