Protect your most vulnerable insurance asset. 

If you’re a homeowner and you have a screened patio, screened pool area (often referred to as pool or patio cages) or an aluminum carport; you should check whether it’s covered by your home insurance policy. These types of structures are extremely susceptible to wind damage and a source of wind-borne debris. Since 2004, many property insurance companies stopped providing coverage for these structures with their standard policy. Even Florida’s carrier of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance Company no longer provides coverage for screen enclosures or carports and also doesn’t provide a buyback option.

According to, the average cost to replace a screen enclosure in Florida is approximately $8,881. A screen enclosure and/or an aluminum carport attached to the main dwelling would be considered “Dwelling Amount or Coverage A.” One that is not attached to the main dwelling would be considered “Other Structures or Coverage B.” Coverage A typically amounts to 10-20% of your Coverage A amount.  Often times, the total amount of all Coverage B items on your property exceed the amount provided under your policy however, many carriers offer increased Coverage B amounts for an additional premium.

At Prepared, aluminum screen enclosures & carports are automatically covered by your home insurance for most perils except when damage occurs because of hurricane or wind. Fortunately, we offer a bundled endorsement called Ti22 package. This package increases or enhances over 15 coverages under your policy for one low price and provides between $20-$50k in coverage for screen enclosures and/or aluminum carports.

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