Concierge Claim Program

VIP service for every policyholder

At Prepared, we’re committed to providing exceptional service throughout the claim process. Our Concierge Claim Program is available on our Florida homeowner and dwelling fire policies and offers unlimited access to our exclusive contractor network.

Protect yourself from fraud with the free Concierge Claim Program from Prepared Insurance.

Exclusive Benefits

No Cost, add anytime:

There is no charge to add this endorsement, and it can be added at any time.


Lower Deductible:

In the event of an All Other Perils (AOP) claim, policyholders will receive a 20% deductible discount. Note: this discount only applies to AOP claims.


Three-Year Warranty:

All contractors in our exclusive network are fully vetted to meet our high service standards. They are licensed, bonded, insured and guarantee their workmanship for three years.

Loss Payments:

No up-front payments from the policyholder. Prepared issues the loss settlement check directly to the customer and the pre-approved contractor.


Flexibility & Options:

When you contact us at the first sign of loss, we send out a qualified, pre-approved contractor to perform emergency services in addition to any covered repairs. However, you are not required to use our contractor—we will pay out-of-network at your request based on our contractor’s estimate, though the 20% deductible discount and warranty will not apply.


Service Above All Else:

We conduct monthly training classes for our network contractors to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Our service standards require contacting you within an hour of first notice of loss and scheduling same day inspections.

Always a trusted estimate with Xactimate™.

Prepared uses Xactimate™ to adjust every claim—the most widely used and fairest replacement cost estimator in the industry.

Report A Claim 24/7

Our claims service is always available to provide emergency assistance. You can call us at 877-313-1824 or file online in the Customer Portal.