Parents are willing to protect their children no matter the circumstance. However, many parents overlook one of the biggest dangers to their child’s safety: their own home. When it comes to childproofing your home, the following are some potentially dangerous areas in your home that you should be aware of. Read through these tips on how to make your home safer for your children.

Start with checking to see if your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher somewhere in the house (preferably in the kitchen or one on each story of the home) and that all your electrical outlets are safely covered.


Check to make sure your lower level cabinets do not have any sharp utensils, cleaning supplies or medications that children can easily get into. Have latches installed on the lower cabinets and drawers so that the children cannot easily open them.

Living Room

Living rooms are great for furniture and décor but these things can be hazardous to children. Buy cushioned corner guards for all sharp edge surfaces like the coffee table and side tables. Kids love to climb, so make sure your bookshelves are securely up against the wall so they are less likely to fall on top of them. Children love to put things in their mouth so keep décor like marbles out of reach.


Never leave your child alone in the bathroom. Drowning is a leading cause of deaths in young children. Install toilet seat locks so young children cannot flush objects down the toilet. As a basic safety tip, move anything harmful to the top shelves and out of the reach of children. Install latches on the cabinets, especially the medicine cabinet(s).

Baby/Child Room

Be sure that the crib has enough sidebars that they cannot slip between them and that it is high enough so that they cannot climb out. Install carpet so if the child falls (which will happen numerous times), it softens the blows. Avoid having anything in the room that is heavy and could fall on the child while playing. Simple things like bedsheets, pillows and stuffed animals can suffocate them so always be aware when leaving the room.

With these childproofing tips, your home will be a much safer haven for your children. Keep an eye on your little ones because they seem to find ways to touch everything and go places they don’t belong!

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